The Transatlantic Network of Excellence Program

The Fondation Leducq Transatlantic Networks of Excellence Program is designed to promote collaborative research among investigators initially in North America and Europe and recently worldwide in the areas of cardiovascular and neurovascular disease (Funding of $ 6 000 000€ over five years).

As of 2017, the Fondation Leducq has supported 57 networks, representing more than 400 investigators at 130 institutions in 21 countries.

Repolarization HeterogeneitY imaging for personalised Therapy of Heart ArrhythMia (RHYTHM)

European coordinator : HAISSAGUERRE Michel, University of Bordeaux, Pessac (France)

North American coordinator : EFIMOV Igor, The George Washington University, Washington DC (USA)

The RHYTHM network, composed of world-leading experts with highly complementary knowledge in cardiac repolarization and sudden cardiac death (SCD), will see for the first comprehensive study of human repolarization abnormalities as a mechanism of SCD. Working simultaneously from the level of the single molecule to the individual patient, the RHYTHM network proposes to generate new clinical tools for characterizing abnormal repolarization, and to provide novel high-resolution imaging tools and risk stratification parameters for personalized preventive therapy.

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