Academic medical Center

The Academic Medical Center (AMC) has 45 clinical and non-clinical departments, housing all the medical specializations that are recognized in the Netherlands. It also provides outstanding patient services of all kinds, including a high percentage of high quality referral care. About 26,000 patients are admitted to AMC wards each year, whilst the outpatient clinics see around 350,000 people annually. 

Some 1500 members of staff are either fully or partially employed in medical research, which is regularly subjected to scrutiny by a panel of international scientists. AMC provides modern, patient-oriented teaching for 2300 medical students, 120 medical informatics students, and hundreds of trainee nurses, paramedics and other students. The AMC Graduate School for Medical Sciences provides support for 1400 PhD students from all over the world. AMC also attracts outstanding, internationally recognized scientists at the postdoctoral level. 


Department of Experimental cardiology

Dr. Ruben Coronel is one of the PI's of the Academic Medical Center and works at the Department of Experimental Cardiology, where he leads the Experimental Cardiology Group. The department of Experimental Cardiology consists of 5 PIs and about 30-40 PhD fellows. It is specialized in the mechanisms of cardiac arrhythmia, in particular in the setting of acute ischemia, infarction and heart failure, and has significantly contributed to the identification of the arrhythmia mechanism in Brugada syndrome. The modulatory influence of diet, stem cell therapy and the autonomic nervous system has been the topic of research in the past years.  


Dr Ruben Coronel

Young Investigators

Veronique Meijborg

Mathilde Rivaud

Jeanne Van der Waal